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Declaration of War on the Anti Club Penguin

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On this fine day, the Light Troops hereby declares war on the ACP.
Why? You raided our capital. We don’t like trespassers. 



8pm UK, 3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST

Location: Breeze, Snow Forts



Defense of Sleet

Times: 3:30pm UK, 10:30am EST, 9:30am CST, 8:30am MST, 7:30am PST 

Location: Sleet, Iceberg




ACP is ”ready”

NOTE TO CPAC: ACP lied. The LT never ‘battled’ ACP on Ice Box, we were spectating. All they did was a training session on our server. This doesn’t count as an event for LT.

THAT is ready against this?

Ok, whatever you say ACP…

Ceasefire with the dark warriors

Hello light troops,

After a meeting between Rob, me,Waterkid, and Unknown we have decided to stop our war against each other to focus on something else. So we decided to have a ceasefire with the Dark Warriors. Since neither side will even consider surrendering the war, we decided on a final battle and if the Light Troops and Dark warriors vs each other in the legends cup the winner of that battle will be considered the winner of the war.

Light Forces Capture Yeti

Hello Light Troops, today we invaded Yeti from the Dark Warriors and absolutely destroyed them. We hit sizes of 50-55 and once we moved to the ship we made DW retreat within a few minutes! The Dark Warriors underestimate us, we’re working harder than ever now and it’s paying off.

Light Troops Pre-battle

Dark Warriors Pre-battle


We then went to fight DW expecting a fight, but they retreated from us within a few minutes

We obviously have the advantage

They have retreated, this is a victory for us

Great job Light Troops.

[AUSIA] Cleanse of Jack Frosty – RESULTS

Hey Light Troops,

Our AUSIA division went to Ice Box (since Jack Frost was above 3 bars, we aren’t ACP) to cleanse Jack Frost. The Dark Warriors were no where to be seen, so it was an automatic victory for us. We stayed on for 15 minutes and did great tactics. We also got above 20, which is a sign our AUSIA division is capable of getting constant 20+ on Club Penguin, good job!

Scared, DW?

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Light Troops, we have entered the next stage in this war. This war hasn’t been easy and I’m not about to give up, we are a fighting army and now it’s time to work harder than ever. We all must fight together in order to overcome this enemy, we’ve beaten the Dark Warriors in the past and we can beat them again.

Watch this video:

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Hello Light Troops, the development of our Ausia division still needs a little more time until it’s ready to be as active as our US/UK divisions. Today we maxed 22 and our tactics were decent, expect more Ausia events and work on your listening skills.

We will keep improving


Rumors about me


I’ve heard that there is a faker going around saying that I defaced the Dark Warriors site. This is NOT true. I have about 4 ways to verify myself, so read on.

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