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Declaration of War on the Anti Club Penguin



Times: 3:30pm UK, 10:30am EST, 9:30am CST, 8:30am MST, 7:30am PST 

Location: Hockey, Iceberg


8pm UK, 3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST

Location: Beeze, Snow Forts


7:00pm EST, 6:00pm CST, 5:00pm MST, 4:00pm PST

Server: Thermal , Ice Berg

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My Leave


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Apparently both Bam & Jester chose to go back to DCP without even telling me, I brought them into LT because they were carrying DCP and I knew how it felt to be working hard for an army and get no results, along with your fellow owners/mods doing nothing.

Their departures will not stop this army from this current golden age, we’ve had owners leave in the past and it hasn’t fazed us at all.

Goodbye Bam & Jester

Defense of Thermal – VICTORY [2-2]

UPDATE: ACP admits defeat to the Light Empire at the battle of Thermal. Thermal remains ours.

The ACP tried to pull a sneaky move and invade Thermal at the same time we invade Breeze. Well too bad for the ACP, because we decided to move our invasion of Breeze tomorrow while we defend Thermal today, and defend we did. The ACP were puny to our sizes of 40. We circled the Snow Forts. The ACP were very poor in this battle and were humiliated by us once again, so they refused to admit defeat. This is the kind of things which makes armies like us HATE the ACP, they can never admit defeat, and they always wonder why there are armies like us who constantly hate on them and make the Black Alliance.

Purple knows whats up. Also, the Light Empire will only accept a surrender from the DRACP.

Sparky Dog, you might be the new Camplazo3, 2014 edition!

*Got pictures? Please comment them!*

Wait what was that ACP?

Day before our first battle:

After our first battle:

Light Troops:

Silencing Mike’s Claims

After we destroyed ACP in an AUSIA battle, they’re quick to claim that we ”multi log” (they never claimed this when we were getting 50+ and over 60 people on chat for the past month though, only when we kick their ass) so I’m going to debunk their claim in this post. (this is like the 100th time ACP claim we multi log because they’re so small)

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[AUSIA]Victory on Sleet

Hello Light Troops, today we defended our server Sleet from the ACP! We did very good in this battle, this is a battle time we aren’t exactly used to and knowing that we can adapt greatly to these times makes me very confident in winning this war. LT is a war machine and we will not make this easy for ACP.

Max: 28-30  Average: 25

Pre- Battle

Soo apparently I’m being accused of multi-logging because I linked a picture of LT’s size. A picture that wasn’t taken by me, but from another LT troop! OMG REAL SUSPICIOUS RIGHT!?

Footage of Yeti Invasion


ACP is ”ready”

NOTE TO CPAC: ACP lied. The LT never ‘battled’ ACP on Ice Box, we were spectating. All they did was a training session on our server. This doesn’t count as an event for LT.

THAT is ready against this?

Ok, whatever you say ACP…

Ceasefire with the dark warriors

Hello light troops,

After a meeting between Rob, me,Waterkid, and Unknown we have decided to stop our war against each other to focus on something else. So we decided to have a ceasefire with the Dark Warriors. Since neither side will even consider surrendering the war, we decided on a final battle and if the Light Troops and Dark warriors vs each other in the legends cup the winner of that battle will be considered the winner of the war.


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