[HUGE BATTLE] Declaration of War against Rebel Penguin Federation – Invasion of RPF Capital – Tuxedo [MANDATORY]

We the glorious, victorious, precious, vicious, ever lasting Light Empire hereby declare war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. They are a menace and will be squashed on by the boots of the glorious Light Troops. Victory shall be ours. 




When: 4:00pm EST, 3:00pm CST, 2:00pm MST, 1:00pm PST, 8:00pm UK/GMT

Where: Server: Tuxedo  – Location: Ice Berg


~ The Light Shall Shine ~



[USA] Raid of ACP & IW – Results

Hey Light Troops,

The ACP and IW are two pathetic and weak armies. Both of them are higher than us in the top ten, and when they heard we were going to raid their event they decided to team up against us. When the battle came closer, they both realized they were going to get crushed by our forces, so ran away to Klondike in order to avoid us. What cowards. We still logged on and achieved sizes of 30+. However our tactics needed improvement. Next time, everyone do the tactics at the same time! Other than that, this was a successful event. Most of you did great. Make sure to comment that you attended this battle for a chance to rank up!

@Andrew24 & friends

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[AUSIA] Unscheduled battle with Teutons – Results

Hey Light Troops,

Today we battled the Teutons army in an unscheduled battle and won. We maxed 20 whereas the Teutons got 1. They have been saying very bad things about us because of how big we are, and today we destroyed them and made them shut up and know who the real bosses are – the LIGHT TROOPS. Good job to all who came!

Xat Problems

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Battle Video – LT vs IW

[UK] Defense of Ice Box – RESULTS [Clear VICTORY]

*Video to be added*

Hey Light Troops,

The Ice Warriors, or should I say the ”Friend List Army”, failed in their attempt to raid our event. The Ice Warriors maxed a whopping 5+ against us, amazing! Whereas we got 30 at this event. Not to mention the almighty Teutons didn’t show up due to their small chat size. We defeated two armies in 1 single UK event, this is great guys. Make sure to attend more battles in the future as the Ice Warriors would want revenge on us for defeating them.

Never forget the day LT gave you a spanking, IW.



Light Troops Raid Ice Warriors Capital Sub Zero

Originally posted on CPA Central:

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – As the agitation between the Light Troops and Ice Warriors grows today saw another raid take place as the Light Troops converged onto Sub Zero to ‘send a message’ to the Ice Warriors.

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Dear Teutons

You guys are such a small, irrelevant army it amuses me how you think your sizes of 10 are impressive and ”sends us a message”. We now know your strongest division, AUSIA, is weak and can be easily crushed by our real AUSIA led by me. 

Our UNSCHEDULED [AUSIA] event yesterday.

You guys have never surpassed 6th on the Top Ten in your entire existence, so please stop bothering us with your poor sizes saying how you’ll ”destroy” us when in reality you can’t. You even had to beg IW owners to help you in your raid in order to achieve sizes of 12, lmao. And don’t forget we’re the one who shrek’d you in the SMAP tourney last week and Brigade starting crying.

I’ll like to end this post stating some facts about ”Teutons invasion of Ice Box”. First, they didn’t even give us a 24 hour notice, therefore it was a raid. Second, according to our moderators we were winning but Teutons began getting IW. Teutons do not ”own” Ice Box nor won the battle.

Teuton’s amazing 50+ 1!!1! (Notice Max and Gtusd in the pictures? They’re both in IW)


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