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Friday - November 21st

Battle with ice warriors!

Light Troops vs Ice Warriors

Server: Ice Box|| Room: Snow Forts

Time:  3:00pm EST, 2:00pm CST, 1:00pm MST, 12:00pm PST, 8:00pm UK

Light Troops Chat

Chat Link: xat.com/LightTroopsHQ

The Official Chat for the Light Troops of ClubPenguin

LT Chat Rules:

 When you’re online be on LT Chat, No bad words, No Advertising other armies, Attend Scheduled Events, Respect all Light Troops

ACP are calling US the chickens?

NOTE: Stop saying ”LT came in sizes of 1-2 and logged off” as that isn’t true. Zak said the top ten won’t count it as a battle so there’s no point, green liars.

So, ACP now think we’re ”afraid” of them because they did little AUSIA raids with sizes of 15. Yep, 15. Just to remind ACP for the 100th time…


Ever since we fired Rishron (over a month now) we haven’t had an AUSIA division. The funny thing is, ACP KNOWS this, but CONTINUES to raid us in AUSIA times. They think by doing this it’ll make the Light Troops look like ”cowards”. I don’t know where ACP have been for the past months, but the Light Troops raid you CONSTANTLY and you DON’T SHOW UP. We raid you at UK times, and ACP has a UK division (Purpleslime4 is from the UK) and they still don’t show up.

So tomorrow, the Light Troops and a couple of other armies are going to raid Breeze at 3pm EST // 8pm GMT. ACP does events at this time so there should be no excuse for them not to attend.

They think they’re better than us? Let me show you some pictures of ACP’s reaction when was raided Breeze (last Saturday)

Victory over RPF!

Very well done, we’ve permanently defeated the RPF. They will never recover. About a week agoo, we began to ignore the RPF because they’re too small to fight. Congratulations, RPF sucks. The only time RPF was ever good was when I made it good. The parasites that took RPF have proved one thing: They suck.

Message from Elmikey

Hi. As most of you noticed I have not been on in like a week. I cannot lead due to DDoS attacks. I am working on getting my IP changed so I can get online and lead again. I salute all good Light Troops. Work on getting good troops secured into the army so when I get started again we shine much brighter than before. So basically focus on quality over quantity for now. We got #1 for two weeks in a row, something LT couldn’t even do during the summer. That means we’re good, and we’ll just get way better..

[UK] Raid of Breeze Results

Only got one picture of this event. We can improve on this, guys.

Time To Reform || HIRING MODS & OWNERS

We have slacked off.  All owners have been away. I doubt Jessica and Tobercold do their jobs as owners correctly, so they’re both demoted to 4ic. Superdelta, Totidile, and Liverpool86 have been promoted to 3ic. I will be hiring new moderators and owners to this army. If you wish to join for moderator, please comment on this post or send me a PC.

I realized we have a lot of members in the army, which is good, but we lack moderators and owners. At today’s event only 3 moderators were present – with no owners. With more moderators and owners I can be certain we’ll be getting constant sizes of 25+ at our events.

Comment on this post or send Waterkid a private chat if you’re interested in joining the Light Troops for Moderator or Owner rank.

Invasion of Snow Board – Results

Hey Light Troops,

We invaded the Chaos capital with no opposition! The chaos army were too scared to face the mighty Light Troops. Good job to all who came.

Comparison of ACP’s raid of Ice Box with our raid of Breeze

Army of Cring Penguin’s raid of Ice Box….


The Glorious Light Troops raid of Breeze

Battle vs Chaos Army & LT Haters- RESULTS

Hey Light Troops,

Today we battled the Chaos Army, their Friends List and our haters. We got 40 at the Snow Forts pre battle and averaged 30 throughout. In the end the judges voted for Chaos as they judges are bias and have no judging skills whatsoever. However, we weren’t even trying for this battle. In the end the Light Troops will win as we know we’re the BIGGER, LEGENDARY army. Chaos are irrelivent and always have been.

we werent even trying

Honestly, we didn’t try for the SMAP tourney. First of all it was SMAP, we only took part in the tourney as a JOKE. Chaos got a bunch of LT haters to help them, and they still got 25. 25 is something LT’s unsched ausia can get. The funny thing is they now think they’re some sort of ”legendary” army. When was the last time Chaos circled the ice berg, snow forts or even the town? Please calm down about this battle @ Chaos, as this will be the only time you guys will ever get above 15.


Raid of ACP Capital – Battle Video

I need song suggestions.


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