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Attend this weeks battle. Our goal is to become #1 on CPAC, so make sure you attend these events! Shine With Victory!

Thursday 26th March

[US] Training 

Server: Ice Box

Times: 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST, 12am UK

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Light troops headquarters

Welcome all new recruits! Come hangout at our HQ to learn more about the Light troops!

[US DELTA FORCE] Training Session Success 3/26


Hello Light Troops! Today we marched on Icebox to practice our tactics and we maxed 17 and averaged 15.

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[USA] Invasion of Snow Fort – ACP SURRENDERS!

Hello Light Troops,

I told you guys, we are the glorious Light Troops army and the ACP are inferior subjects. We marched onto Snow Fort to show ACP who the best army is (obviously us) and we proved that. The ACP ended up surrendering the battle to us. We are just too strong for ACP. Next time keep your mouth shut, Ajman. We maxed 18 in this invasion (ACP maxed 9 lol) make sure to attend the other invasions this week!

[Pictures not in order]


shut up ajman

Okay, so you claim that Club Penguin was working. So where is your result post from the battle? Your entire post was useless, all you tried to prove was that the ”Login” button was present, even though DrMatt wasn’t claiming that it wasn’t. What DrMatt was saying is that the servers weren’t working properly for the troops as Club Penguin were UPDATING. ACP didn’t even post a result post, so I don’t see why you’re making such a useless post that doesn’t prove anything. If you believe ACP won then post the result of the battle. Oh wait, you can’t, because Club Penguin wasn’t working properly for both of us.

”I please ask you and your troops to stop embarrassing yourselves even more than you already have with completely false and idiotic claims like the ones above.”

Ha, and I ask your owners to stop making ACP look like such a pussy army.

Waterkid – Lifestyle ft. Roberto

You didn’t win ACP

Hey LT,

Today our US event was screwed up due to CP updating right when the event started.All of our troops had trouble logging on until about 8:15. Still after 8:15 some troops had trouble. When they logged on they weren’t able to get out of the PH bubble. We had a chat size of 30+.

ACP this isn’t a victory for you because LT did show up so don’t say we were a no show. Also Bam CP wasn’t working at 8est because I refreshed many times and it wouldn’t let me or any other troops log on. So overall

              ACP YOU DIDN’T WIN!

Proof of CP being down: (click for enlarged)


War Update

We’ve declared war on the Watex Warriors due to Jessie pissing me off, invasion of Snow Bound is on Friday. Also expect raids from the Doritos and Ice Warriors in upcoming battles.


To the people who think I am a neo Nazi, Racist, Homophobic, Religious, Nasty and Transgender:

Someone finally gets it!


*This is Sierra posting





Important Owner Meeting

Friday 27th March
10pm GMT || 6PM EST

If you are a Light Troops owner or legend then you must attend this meeting. We will be discussing a lot of important things during this meeting, such as better methods of recruiting to ensure domination during the Easter break. If you don’t attend this meeting then your voice as a LT owner or legend won’t be heard.

[USA] Liberation of Ice Box – VICTORY

Hey Light Troops,

We logged onto Ice Box to liberate it from the ACP. We maxed 24 and averaged 20 in this event whereas ACP struggled to assemble a mere 5 troops on Club Penguin, how pathetic. The ACP think they’re winning the war by making AUSIA invasions? The whole community KNOWS that the Light Troops are better than the ACP in every possible way. Doing small invasions with sizes of 10 doesn’t make you win a war, ACP.

Fun Fact: ACP claim the war score is 4-2. Those 2 ”victories” were AUSIA invasions (ACP clearly know we don’t have an AUSIA division), the third ”victory” was when we turned up UNSCHEDULED at a UK defense and the fourth ”victory” was when they invaded Tuxedo without notifying us and getting sizes of 10. Good thing IW raided them.



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