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Week Events

This week I’ll be finishing up on who will be the new LT leaders. Make sure to attend these events in a chance of a promotion.




8pm UK, 3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST

Location: Ice Box, Town



7:00pm EST, 6:00pm CST, 5:00pm MST, 4:00pm PST

Server: Ice Box, Town

Passing the Torch

As another summer comes to an end here in Club Penguin Warfare, so too must my tenure leading the Light Troops.

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LT’s Greatest Battle Ever

On July 22nd 2014 we invaded the Dark Warriors
Ioioluk, Roberto and Waterkid led this event
We got over 60 penguins at this invasions
This will go down as LT’s greatest battle ever

ACP Can’t Count

It’s official.
ACP are retarded.

ACP = Liars & Smallfries

According to ACP leader ”Mrtchy” the LT battled ACP in an ausia battle. This is false. No LT were seen in the pictures and we haven’t raided ACP since weeks ago. ACP said this so they can get extra points for the Top Ten because they are small fry. No LT were seen in ACP’s pictures which also proves my point. Also, LT doesn’t raid armies on servers over 3 bars like ACP’s event.

LT playlist

Hey LT

Comment songs for the newly updated LT playlist and i’ll add them!

Upcoming events [Not army events] for fall

Hey LT

As you know, everyone seems to be retiring for school. Roberto,water and burr have retired. Will I retire for the 100th time? No i’m staying to help LT and help train the new leaders to begin there generation of LT. In mid november i’m looking foward to retiring. Not retiring forever but for now. Meanwhile in these next 4 months of LT, i’ll be helping make LT as much fun as possible!

What should you expect? Giveaways, cp membership giveaways and parties!

Giveaways: Every month I’ll be giving away 500 xats and 10 days. Giveaways could also mean powers to.

Cp membership: Every month there will be a winner for 1 month of cp membership!

Parties: Every month there will also be a igloo contest [[LT only igloo contest]] And a party.

There will also be contests! So be sure to stay active!

- Matt

[US DELTA FORCE] Training Session Results


Hey LT,

Today we marched on Icebox and maxed 16.

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[UK TASK FORCE] Training Results


Hello Light Troops,

We went on Icebox today which we maxed 16 on Club Penguin.
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Protected: new auto typing lines pc waterkid for the pass

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[UK] Training Results

So today I realized that events at 4pm EST || 9pm GMT won’t work. UK troops will be sleeping and 4pm EST is too early for someone who just had school. Therefore we’ll be having seperate events. UK events at 3pm EST and USA events at 7pm EST.

I’m a new 2ic.

Hello Light Troops,

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