To talk with other fellow Light Troopers, you need to click the chat link below. (THIS IS NOT A VIRUS!)

 >>>> <<<<

***Note: To talk to us on LT chat, type in the box where it says “Glory to the Light”***

Chat icons for LT:




To put the icons on your xat account, press your name. After you do that, look for the box next to “Picture”, copy the picture link, and paste it into that box. Press “Ok” when your done.



1. No advertising.

2. Cussing is allowed, but excessive cussing is not tolerated.

3. Spamming on the chat is prohibited.

4. Have Fun!


What you must do when you first enter LT’S chat

When you’re first on to that chat, you might look like this:

To change that to your CP username, click the sign out button and sign in again. Xat thinks you’re a null, which is why you must refresh. When you’re back on there, you will be membered by an owner, or a moderator. If you do not get membered within 1 minute, PC a mod/owner by clicking a silver or gold pawn. Once you do this, click “Private Chat” and tell them to member you. If they do not member you within 30 seconds, PC another mod/owner until you get membered.

Make sure to put your CP user in the box where it says “Your CP username here”.

This is the format that you should use when making your name:

(CP Username) [Light.Troops.(Rank)]


Awesome1221 [Light.Troops.Private]

After that, click “OK”, and begin to talk with us.

37 Responses

  1. I quit, Ive been abused too many times and btw billy I am CelticFC1967.

  2. My name is Goldie6933. I am banned forever on the chat and can you PLEASE unban me? I pinky promise that I will not call LT chicken and brag about DCP and if I break one of these rules, I will be banned forever. I promise I will not beg you anymore to unban me on chat.

  3. Nice chat pics.

  4. mi cueta de lo cual es santi4592 fue hackada por julian21201 el me canbio la contraseña y cuando la intento cambiarla me sale erro 404

  5. heyy i will like to join my name is yummy donut

  6. hi im back

  7. hi

  8. hi hi hi i am happy i just join

  9. how do you join is it on pc

  10. im going its a waste of time


  12. They shut down?
    I think waterkid told them to bcause i was getting really sad yessterday :(

  13. Rachel532

  14. Rachel532

  15. How do you get pics
    P.S.i’m darragh007

  16. Glory To The Light

  17. i need to talk with lt so unban me i neeed tooo talk

  18. who are you tapw4444?

  19. hi I know have not been on its because I had to help my mum and dad so if you think am quiting I am because you never speak to me

  20. ive never been on light troop but I would love to join

  21. Hi I was wondering if someone would upgrade the ranks if you do can you please change it to Benjaminlt because I changed my name by the way this is Nathan

  22. why was I banned plz fix this IMMEDIATELY!

  23. Hello

  24. Water.. Pc me sometime when I’m on… I needa speak to you.. You’ve somehow disappeared off my friends list. Have fun in chobot land

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