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So, you’re interested in joining the Light Troops? Well then you’ve come to the right place!


Joining Application

To officially become Light Troop, fill out the form below.

Once you applied, talk to the Light Troops at our HQ below!




1,336 Responses

  1. Joined :D

  2. hi

  3. i’m new here

  4. my cp name is actually Glenanj12 sorry

  5. Hello Light troops! I am new to this army and has never been in an army before. My Club penguin user name is yukata ball (funny name, huh?) and I want to know how this army works.

  6. hey im new here i jst wanted a rank my user name is elias711

  7. guys i changed from suckish dw to lt because they banded me from chat plz acccept me sencirly luky4447

  8. I just sent in application ready to join

  9. hello guys im joined light troops

  10. hey i am new to the army I just signed up last night just wanting to know how this works and what happens if I do not have the full uniform.

  11. how long was I banned for I am storm

  12. I think have join

  13. Yaaaaaaaaaay!

  14. I wanna and trying to join I soon hope I will

  15. So are you guys old

  16. You don’t notice if someone joined. I joined 2/3 weeks ago and nothing happened. I’m still not a Moderator. My username on xat: WishyMistyMaix My profile: xat.me/WishyMistyMaix

    • Well you fight talk and have fun, you have to and I mean HAVE to be at a lot of battles to be a mod, they just don’t let you be one when you join. And we can see you’r name on the side of the screen just scroll down. If you need help ask Roberto, If you forget keep on reading it.

  17. i want to jion

  18. i want to join* :D

  19. I cant wait to be a light troop

  20. I just joined :D

  21. sup

  22. i just joined now

  23. This is so awesome! Its been awesome, You do fights! You can become a mod! but that’s not really inportant right now… But you gotta do this! Don’t do it because you see these comments… TRY IT!

  24. joined

  25. aiden july 31 / 2014 at 3.

  26. Light Troops rule!

  27. yay light troops…

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