II. Servers / Map Of Our Nation

:!: Icebox – LT Capital :!:

  • Tuxedo – LT Co-Capital

  • Mammoth - Weapons Base

  • Migrator – Training Server

  • White Out – Recruiting Base

  • Jack Frost – Training Server

  • Sardine – Training Server

  • Caribou – Training Server

  • Patagonia – Training Server

  • Ice Rink – Training Server

  • Crunch – Training Server

  • Snow Globe – Recruiting Base

  • Outback – Training Server

  • Tea – Training Server

  • Yeti – Recruiting Base

  • Ice Berg – Recruiting Base

  • Misty – Recruiting Base

  • Sleet – Training Server

  • Thermal – Training Server

  • Cream Soda – Recruiting Base

  • Half Pipe – Training Server

  • Chinook – Training Server

  • Polar Bear – Training Server

  • Flurry – Recruiting Server

  • Sherbert – Recruiting Server


Server Count: 24


The Map Of Our Nation


 photo cpltuniform1_zps9fa57efa.jpg

31 Responses

  1. N-N-N–N-NATIONS!!

  2. Yes I know we want to be the best but we have got to think about what we should do after we have completed our goal. Because there is not much point of reaching our goal then doing nothing

  3. About Me



    My Armies:

    Light Troops Moderator, Light Troops Co-Owner Assistant, Water Ninja, Fire Ninja, Snow Ninja, Shadow Ninja, King Of Light Troops, Leader Of Light Troops, Sensei, Cadence, Frankie, Gary, Light Troop First Class, Light Troop Gold Class, Light Troop Vip Chat Member, Light Troop VVIP Room Residence, Credit Card Club Owner, Light Troop Master Ninja, Light Troop Guardian, Light Troop Night, Light Troop Silver Class, Smile Class Owner, CP Player

    Server I Visited :

    Icebox, Migrator, White Out, Matterhorn, Jack Frost, Marshmallow, Caribou, Sardine, Caribou,Walrus,
    Ice Rink, Patagonia, Crunch, Vannila, Breeze, Out Day, Snow Globe, Outback,Tea, Northern Lights,

    Wind Chill, Avalanche, Fiesta, Sherbet, Winterland Yeti, Sparkle, Cold Front, Ice Berg, Misty, Tobboggan, Sleet

  4. Big nation. I patrol Summit daily. Often meet DCP at j bomb them all. :)

  5. what do i do if i can’t look like a light trooper?

  6. this is really complicated

  7. water i think we should get more patrolers in LT but i’m leading the patroling team :/

  8. i own africa and asia also know as elephant riders and dog eaters

  9. Im in white out but where do we train

  10. Attention! The Navy of Club Penguin (NCP), former allie of the Light Troops, has officially ended it’s friendship, Goodbye!

  11. Im not yellow, but i have yellow clothes!

  12. shouldn’t you have an empire server?

  13. аааааа

  14. i like this army

  15. YEY,this i like this army xd

  16. Alright fish

  17. hey ACP owns Breeze, its our Capitol, unless something changed


  19. agreed

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